Powder Coating, Pre Treatment and Finishing Systems Washers

Excellent Value and Longer Operating Life

Due to their designs and construction, Rapid Washers provide excellent value and longer operating life. Standard pre-assembled washers, custom spray washers and manual pre-treatment station washers offer a flexible choice for end users depending on their specific needs. Rapid Engineering's mild steel or stainless steel construction tanks and tunnels are 100% welded, making this equipment sturdy and reliable and helping to keep your production running. This helps to minimize costly delays.

Rapid Engineering LLC also offers a wide range of Industrial Process Finishing Equipment such as: Powder and Wet Coat Finishing Systems, Dry Off Ovens, Cure Ovens, Batch Ovens in many sizes, IR Booster Ovens, as well as a variety of Finishing Systems for many kinds of products.

Furthermore, Rapid Engineering LLC offers a varied line of HVAC Equipment such as: Direct Fired Air Handlers, Indirect Fired Air Turnover Units, Indirect Fired Air Handling Units, Unit Heaters, Duct Furnaces, Low-Intensity Infrared Heaters and Negative Pressure Infrared Heaters.

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